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The activities perform by the organization involved during in this period the board members has commenced its project with 151 child protection which was collected from the street and others whose mothers produce to the orphanage the organization had an apple to promote the local community who were on the ground in order to universe the problems within the country the a sure and constant war for the last 26 years was what make the organization to minimal the structure and capacity building in order to assist the entire community within the geographical area first and foremost the young youth women and children are the back born of the country there were the future presidential ministers what so ever


Later the organization had taken away and expended the protection centre to the whole region including, bay, bakol, lower Shebelle and banadir regions

The main camp that are working are the one of Baioda but the rest resident we had the representative office and the board of the organization had planned to open a child protection centre to the whole towns where the organization had an office

Our determination  and expectation was to expend the organization through the entre part of the country in order to reach our target as par the constitutions of our programmers ‘because the whole country was under one interest since our organization has determination to satisfy the need of the Somali people 

For now the center called Child protection centre Under South Somali Youth Organization (SSYO)   centre which was established 7-1-2016, and support 220 children. 36% of these children are girls and 64% boys and 18 children were boarding and others day school these children are Unaccompanied and orphaned children and also SSYO provides free education like Mathematic, Somali, Arabic, IRE,MRE and English


SSYO is governed by its constitution that conforms to the national and international legal requirements of non-governmental organization as well as fully respects the code of conduct of international humanitarian agencies and human rights conventions signed by the states of the United Nations.  Its governing structure consists of three main organs listed below; 

  1. General Assembly (GA):

The General Assembly is the supreme decision making authority of the initiatives and provides resolutions on the general policy, planning and implementation strategies of the Initiatives. The General Assembly approves the constitution and elects the Board of Directors to hold office for three years term. 

  1. Board of Directors

The Board of Directors comprises of five (5) members with minim of two female elected by the general assembly for three (3) years term of the office but eligible for unlimited.

SSYO Relief and Development Organization.  

Re-election. The board of directors is responsible to provide the overall leadership of the organization as per the powers and duties vested by the constitution of SSYO.