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South Somali Youth Organization {SSYO}, a non political, not-for-profit, governmental, relief
and development organization founded in 17th May 2002 by an assembly of Somali intellectuals
including mainly the Somali citizen ,SSYO has grown to be one of the leading players in
responding to humanitarian needs in Somalia. Since its formation SSYO has dedicated her
efforts and resources to support lives of the most vulnerable communities in South Central
Somalia by providing essential basic services and advocating for the protection of their rights.
SSYO has grown from a humble agency targeting one district to the current coverage of five
regions in the South Central – Bay,Bakol, Lower Shabelle and Benadir .From 2002, SSYO
working closely with other development partners has implemented programs in peace building
and conflict resolution and community capacity building as Volunteers contribution Members
and Diaspora.
SSYO boasts a long list of successfully completed and running programs through support of
various partners. This success is attributed partly to the organization’s known culture of
establishing, developing and nurturing lasting relationships and partnerships with beneficiaries,
community leaders, local authorities, international aid agencies and other stakeholders with the
aim of delivering relevant, timely and effective humanitarian programs. SSYO, is acceptable in
all the Four regions and can go anywhere in South Central, our staff is diverse and are drawn
from all the regions and communities we work in. This has enabled SSYO to play an important
role in the successful delivery of services since our staff s have a deep grasp of the context in the
different regions.
SSYO Relief and Development Organization is a Non-Profit Organization managed by a six
member Board of Directors (BOD) headed by a chairperson who is elected after every five years.
The Chairperson is supported by the Treasurer, Secretary and Auditor. The board meetings are
held on quarterly basis. Since the organization is usually involved in the implementation of more
than one project from contribution member and diaspora, which are run by appointed managers
who are accountable to the chairperson.
SSYO Relief and development Organization has 37 permanent staff members with various skills
as outlined below
SSYO also hires staff on project basis, such that at the end of the project we lay them off. Under
this arrangement we have a reserve of trained staff we can recruit on a short notice especially in
the regions where getting qualified staff is a challenge. In addition, like any other recruitment by
SSYO they are subjected to an interview process before final selection and engagement
To have a world where those who are poor and marginalized exercise their capacities, build
their own lives and take charge of their future and solve the problems Somali Young youth,
women and children to get better and progressive education to live with dignity freedom and
Guided by relentless focus on improving humanity, we will constantly strive to implement
innovative programs that are responsive to the critical needs of the communities we serve. In
doing this, we will endeavor to deliver operational excellence in all activities and meet our
pledges to the many stakeholders we serve. All our short and long term strategies and actions
will be shaped by our core values
• Transparence and accountability
• Credibility
• Innovative approach
• Flexibility
• Integrity
Education Child
Senior staff 3 3 3 3 1 2 15
Junior staff 2 1 3 2 2 4 11
Drivers 2 2
3 3
Watchmen 2 2
Cleaners 2 2
Cook 1 1
To provide innovative humanitarian interventions that are well planned, timely, well executed,
relevant, and sustainable and do take into consideration the different needs of our people in an
ever changing environments
• Ensuring that all our humanitarian response, priorities are planned and implemented
• Maximizing sustainability of our humanitarian interventions even in emergence
• Proactive engagement of communities drawing from their experiences
• Promoting the protection of most vulnerable rural and urban populations against violence
and exploitation
• Continuous consultation and sharing with all our stakeholders
SSYO Relief and Development Organization operate in four regions of South Central Somalia
which include; Bay, Bakol, Lower Shabelle and Banadir.
We are implementing programs in all those areas with different partners as volunteers.
1. Protection
Program Goal: Safe sharing of a common logical address space or common physical
address space and fair and reliable recourse usage
Objective –To strengthen and develop community structures which provide care and
protection for child and to protect children from discrimination, exploitation and other
forms of harm.
2. Child Protection
Program Goal: All children live a life free from all forms of violence, are protected in
conflicts and disasters and thrive in a safe, caring, family environment.
Objective:-To generally promote the protection, development and welfare of children.
Program Goal: Assist school going children to access quality basic education, through creation of
a conducive learning environment, supporting training of teachers and empowering communities
to manage schools and development of curriculum
Objective: To increase opportunities for school going children to access quality education and
assist in the establishment of infrastructure and capacity of personnel to enable delivery of
quality education services
Program Goal: Diversify and strengthen the livelihoods of households in south Central Somalia
Objective – Enhance the resourcefulness and resilience of communities to enable them meet their
daily basic needs