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  1. Upgrade the knowledge, skills and establish formal education and none formal education Schools for the Youth.
  2. To arrange measures improving the livelihood the child protection centers within the regions.
  3. Community mobilization especially Youth in South Somali on Drug Issues.
  4. To establish peace awareness campaigns and creates Sports team for peace promotions of initiatives.
  5. To promote  good  governance  and  gender  equitability  with  special  focus  on women/girls empowerment and eliminations of all forms of violence against women including FGM, rape, domestic violence, etc.
  6. To encourage the community for sustainable development and mobilize among them awareness on HIV/Aids, to promote internal discussions among human rights activists, on the work of media and journalists toward contribute to national heal and development.
  7. To improve protection & the rights among vulnerable people including IDPs and Refuge.